Naloka ba kayo sa opening line? haha! To all of the Filipinos and Foreigners who have experienced this colorful and massive festival in the country, di ko na need i-elaborate yang opening na yan! Alam niyo na yan! You can hear everyone chant that on the streets, club, bars, hotels, cabs, PUJ’s, trikes, sidewalk, etc! haha!

Since after my 2 years OFW experience, I have said to myself I will travel this 2014. Sort of reward for my hard work and crayola events. So I booked a flight together with my barkada’s on my very first experience of Sinulog.

So to define SINULOG according to my best friend, Wikipedia:

The Sinulog is an annual cultural and religious festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, and is the center of the Santo Niño celebration in the Philippines. The Sinulog commemorates the Filipino people’s acceptance of Christianity (specifically, Roman Catholicism), and their rejection of their former animist beliefs.


Pero alam naman natin, tayo mga bagets (ehem) ang pinunta sa Sinulog aside sa colorful and festive mood with dance, flowers, beauties and hunks (choz), is yung mga PARTIES!! So para ma orient kayo, Sinulog happens on the third week of January. So dapat mag book during the 3rd friday of the month unto the next week. Bitin ang 5 days actually! Daming pwedeng gawin at mga ganap. So, start na tayo:

1579859_10151991670538558_345009543_nProof na yan ha na pumunta talaga ako! Baka sabihin niyo joke lang! haha



Check the LINK para ma sight niyo ang mga ganap!

Super excited ako sa ganap na toh! tagal ko nang pinangarap to be on a live electronic dance music festival at na fulfill ko rin sya! saya! One of the music festival you have to attend is LIFEDANCE. It happens on the 3rd Friday of the month sa may center part ng Cebu. It starts early and ends the next day (Yezz 6am the next day).. kaloka teh!

So tips ko:

1. Be at the area as early as possible.. 6pm or 8pm most.. para iwas traffic and pila papasok and for parking purposes if may carru kayo.

2. Wear also unrestrictive clothing and rubber/waterproof shoes! Bawal mag heels dito nako maloloka kayo girls kasi best in tayo lang jan buong araw and wag na magexpect may mauupuan kayo kasi if meron man mas bet niyo tumayo para sumayaw and to hunt boys! choz!

3. Wear also something waterproof (inner nyo swimsuit) then wear shorts or skirts with crop tops/midriffs para di kayo mainitan! Teh alam nyo naman mga otao dito.. dikit dikit.. and baka umulan pa so less hassle if mabigat ang outfit.. I suggest not to wear jeans type shorts.. just in case magtapunan ng drinks and rain comes, di hassle!

4. Secure your belongings in a ziplock type purse na you can attach sa neck! dont bring a bag na or purse. Bring lang enough cash pambili ng drinks and pauwi ofcourse! Phones and cameras should be protected. If hindi waterproof, paki secure please! di kasalanan ng event if nasira/nawala mga pera and gadgets!

5. Don’t accept drinks or anything from strangers! mahirap na ngayon teh! magulo sa event na yan! Mga taong abusado and masama all around. Be cautious!

6. Always be with your core group! If bet lumandi, magsabi and magbilin sa friendships para in case di ka hanapin sa lost and found or suggestion box the next day.

7. It is okay to try anything insane but make sure you are ready and always refer to no. 6

8. Enjoy the music and mga boys!! hahaha!

lifedance_vrc1604500_10151991660703558_494995390_nAyan, VIP kami! Avail ng promo from friendships! haha

van and samOur first pic together! With my best friend and partner in crime, Sam! van_pen_samSaw our common friend, Penpen! Ang gwapo ng bagets na toh! My partner in crime that night!1555819_10151991660883558_1726709728_nAyan na kasi. Kung bakit pakipot pa! choz! With the unknown girl, Randall, V, Sam and jowa niya na si Jasper

156390_10151991660873558_967039581_n - CopySaw Brian too! (guy from the left)

st edwardsAnd who cannot forget this bottle? Naiwan ni bagets Pen sa amin ni Sam. He was carrying this one all night! Lasheng si bagets kaya avail na namin toh! haha

DAY II – Lafang and Chill Night

1620287_10151991660463558_222122129_nAyan na. Medyo complete na! (L-R) MK, Aissa (bff), Sam, Jasper, V and Groover (bedmate ko) 1555359_10151991681558558_186686201_nNagkita na naman kami ni bagets with my other bff, Aissa. Oh avail pa ako ng hug! choz1549298_10151991789138558_1048973394_nWith Glenn (our party animal friend from Gensan)1530524_10151991662148558_921827290_nJubis ng fez ko! kaloka! V with Aissa1521575_10151991662598558_346719049_nEto nanaman! Davao united! Site rin namin sila Charlie and jowa niya! 529213_10151991678028558_1429112817_nHad the best Mojitos ever!! At Maya restaurant, Crossroads! Avail niyo toh!1528558_10151991679688558_1537788843_nHaay nako! lahat yata sa Davao nasa Cebu! haha! With John, Groover, Kenneth, Aissa, Pen and V

1508120_10151991785503558_570421594_nvlag ko toh! maganda ako! basic lang na model ng SMB! haha!

1538748_10151991787278558_1932317384_nEto yun. Summary of the ganap on Day II.

So we decided on Saturday, ikot ang Cebu ganaps! Go to crossroads strip — it is where Distillery, Maya resto and some other bars/clubs are! Walkathon lang rin ang Barcode and other gimikan! Hindi ko na knowsline lahat pero magkakatabi-tabi lang sila lahat. And take note when I was “mute” whole night! Nawalan ng boses kasi puyat from international flight then local flight from manila-davao-cebu. Ako na ang feeling FA. chos! Pero push pa rin ang party! Minsan lang toh! 2 years akong deprived. Give niyo na! haha


vanny in sinulog 2014post- stampede ganap sabay props na juice! chos


With Besh Sam at the streets of Cebu. Juice po yan! Tang! haha1011263_10151991785323558_1837655612_nNakita pa namin toh si Jico! Grabe magisa lang sya pumarty! siya na!  1507932_10151991699373558_922902405_nMet new friends… After nonstop walkathon, lafang and toilet break muna with Aissa 1017473_10151991709208558_1466357402_nNasa bar po kami nito! wala lang time maligo and magbihis! care ko sa mga tao! push 1508164_10151991693713558_899501957_nThreefie! 1517538_10151991702593558_1798458466_nFeeling GOPRO shot! LOL 1451361_10151991692143558_728747056_nBisaya United. CEBU-GENSAN-DAVAO Team 1505362_10151991689023558_1439401235_nKaloka na tong event na toh! Kami lang po ang di naligo at pumarty sa club! haha 971966_10151991789468558_180820308_nVlag ko nga toh sympre may Solo pic sa Mango Ave!  59954_10151991682463558_466193367_nang bote ni bagets Pen! avail namin! haha 1524867_10151991694478558_1398959207_n

1527795_10151991707913558_870271620_nmatino pa kami dito! we asked strangers to take our photos. push na! 1531848_10151991798428558_1047848444_nnakakairita tong moment na toh! tama ba toh?? chos! i love these 2 couples! 1546408_10151991705088558_1404143648_n



1622244_10151991885498558_999549696_n 1620856_10151991711693558_471930420_n

1521461_10151991785928558_1719739767_n 1558400_10151991786643558_1001638238_nAyan! Summary of DAY III.

Day III was a Sunday so last day of the Cebu Party! The most awaited street party was BASELINE. Pero wit kami nakahabol doon kasi na stampede kami! Di kami nakapasok! Nakakaloka yun! Iba pala ma stuck sa stampede. Nakakatakot na parang mapapakanta na “tell me how is it to breathe with no air” ni Jordin Sparks! Pero keri na di nakaattend doon. Masaya naman kami. In between may lafang breaks and touch up breaks kunwari! haha! Met new people and feel ko i lost 10 lb sa kakalakad! Solves na ang experience. As what we have concluded..


DAY IV — Soul Searching Ganap!

1556232_10151992441773558_575497460_oSimala Church in Sibonga, Cebu City

simalaEto yung full view! Breathtaking!1520611_10151991782993558_568332787_n 1510954_10151991788958558_1777041171_nEach color represents something.. so alam niyo naman siguro ano ang mga hiling ko! haha 1013354_10151991783473558_731321922_nAyan di na brief na bawal short dress.. ayan buti may na avail na shawl! 1009496_10151992442763558_1356942844_oGanda sa loob! kaso bawal na ang pics sa ibang parts ng church! 1012036_10151992446493558_1930392168_nV at Sto Nino Church in Cebu.

Eto na yung “ME TIME” ganap! siyempre after all the parties and mga happy ganaps.. It is always a priority to BE GRATEFUL, BE IN FULL GRATITUDE, TO SAY THANK YOU to God for all the blessings! Who would have thought I will be in Cebu and was able to start my travelog? Infair dati I only live by my means, walang ipon at walang sense of goals in life. But my life abroad made me a full grown woman! God indeed made me experience the hardships, difficulties and pains for a greater glory! I will always be thankful for everything and I am giving it back to Him. Kaya guys in everything we do and what we receive, it has a purpose. We may not see what it is for but in the long run it will be clear. Let us Thank God for our lives and for our ganaps.. good or bad man 🙂 push cart!

Well, dami pang ganap that Sinulog. Nagkulang ako sa pics kasi witchikels akong camera! nakikiavail lang ako sa mga camera ng friendships. Yung iba wala akong kopya! haha! Though there were no photos here or any sort of photographic souvenirs, push lang! Ang important thing is we are all well.. went home filled with wonderful memories! 🙂 So guess niyo san ang next kong ganap? To my next travelog post..

Much Love

xx V


About vanessaruthchan

Hard on the outside, soft and nurturing on the inside. Believes in one true God and having One True Love :) Fun to be with. Loves to try new things. Quiet unless excited or tensed. Has reputation. Easily consoled. Honest. Concerned about people’s feelings. Tactful. Friendly. Approachable. Emotional temperamental and unpredictable. Moody. Witty and sparkly. Spazzy at times. Not revengeful. Forgiving but never forgets. Dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things. Caring and loving. Treats others equally. Strong sense of sympathy. Wary and sharp. Judges people through observations. Hardworking. Loves to be alone. Waits for friends. Never looks for friends. Not aggressive unless provoked. Loves to be loved. Easily hurt but takes long to recover. Believes in chance encounters and stolen moments.

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