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Vanny Rocks 2015!



2015. We are on the cusp of a New Year. Instead of making this a new year for a “new you” let’s get clear. You don’t need a new version of you, what your life is asking for is a real and authentic version of you. It means having the courage to own what YOU want for your life.

2015 is the breakthrough year. It is a year of self care, self love and owning your true heart’s desire.

No more resolutions. No more false promises. It is time to be ourselves with no apologies. It is time to know our worth and act accordingly.

God had ordained our steps. Stop the confusion and the doubt and start believing. As I close my eyes and bid 2014 goodbye.. let us welcome another year to be thankful to God.

It is the time God has given us to make things right again.

Cheers to 2015.

Much Love,

Vanny xx


Life Advice from my Fairy Godmother


As I was having a very emotional moment today. I happened to bother my fairy God Mother, Ate Patmei Ruivivar and was venting out. Then inner peace and at the same time there was the inner “light bulb” moment. I wanted to share to everyone one of the memorable and best advice I have ever encountered in my existence.

“When your soul is crying out. Listen to it. Stop and reflect. Surround yourself with people who love you and give you good energies. There is a time to replenish, recharge, and refresh! You don’t need the money. God will always provide. The important thing is finding your self, your center, the meaning of your life, your bliss. Then all will just fall into place.

It will get better. Just be p
atient and work on yourself.

Don’t measure your worth or success based on what mainstream society says. It is an illusion that is oftentimes the roo
t of our unhappiness. March to the beat of your own drum.
We have our own unique journey. It is foolish to copy other people’s definitions and plans because you are not like other people. You are YOU! And your most important task in life is to figure out your authentic self and live your best according to what is true to you.”

Trust God. God is performing little miracles everyday.


It has been my life long dream to travel the world and see the beauty of God through my eyes! I have tried my application as a flight attendant for almost five years for different airlines but sad to say luck was not on my side. When I saw this video a few days ago, I couldn’t help but be excited about life again!

As I have always believed in the power of law of attraction, I will consciously practice to shout to the universe that “I WILL TRAVEL THE WORLD” — EAT.SLEEP.RAVE.REPEAT. LOL.


V xxxxx



I don’t know what it is you do, where you live or how you are as a person. Have I come across you? Have we met? Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that you are as real as real can be. The day I find the answer will define why I exist. It will be the culmination of why my heart beats. And when that moment surrenders, I will finally be whole and ready to witness life’s beautiful capacity. You had me the day the Lord laid out my life’s blueprint and sent me off to this world. The best part is the fact that you will have me till the day He calls me back. From more to most to above and beyond, we will emanate the true diagnosis of love personified. I have failed countless times before, but each failure magnified the depth and gravity of our destined alliance. My every misstep drew me closer to the best version of me, so here I am in full bloom waiting for you to be the very best I can be. I will not just die for you, but live for you, with every breath, every blink, every strand of hair, every heartbeat, every step, every word, every thought, every strength and even in weakness, my life will embrace your entire being. Your name will be written throughout the legacy of my life, through the stars that illuminate day and night and the sun that blazes throughout the entire galaxy. God will keep us intact, and because of Him, we will never lack. You will be my biggest miracle, the cure to my demise. My happily ever after, my forever, the apple of my eye. No force in this universe will hinder you from being mine, because from the very beginning, I was designed to love you until the end of time.

– words by GAB VALENCIANO.

Love through the Years


True love really do exist in this universe. I don’t need to search far enough for it is already in our home.
Eversince I gained conscious thoughts on how cruel the world is out there, my parents always remind me that LOVE is still the answer to all the questions in this world. That glow my Mother has, that touch my father does when He holds my mother’s hands and hold her close from time to time, those smirks they could only understand, those stares of pure bliss are priceless moments I have seen eversince I have lived. And this photo could best describe the love they have shared all throughout these years. It may not have been perfect but it have been just the BEST… The BEST of what two worlds could offer. My Dad giving my Mom his ultimate loyalty and my Mom giving her ultimate treasure, her heart. 🙂 Thank You Lord for my blessings. I may not have all the finest things in life nor traveled the world (yet), but all I know at the end of the day I just wanted to be home with these two.

God’s Teachings


How do I be grateful with what I have and trust that God will meet my needs? How can I be sure that He will provide? You say, “I’ve been waiting for months and years and still there’s no change! I’m tired and fed up with holding on. I feel like I’m being taking for granted. I hear message after message that encourages me it’s coming but yet I’m still waiting.” I’m a waiter. I live off tips and sometimes customers don’t leave a dime or sometimes it’s little. I’m a single parent taking care of my children alone living off scraps. I’m struggling… My expectations are never met but I’m suppose to trust God will meet my needs and I feel like I’m fighting my way through hell.ฺ

God promised Moses that’ll He’ll free the Israelites and that He would lead them to the Promise Land. They’ve seen God’s wrath/power, witness miracles and were free from slavery but the journey to the Promise Land was the lesson. What do you do when God puts you in place that you don’t like… What was suppose to be no less than an 11 day journey turned to 40 days. They grew frustrated with Moses and God. They complained about not having food or water as if God wasn’t going to provide their needs along the way. The lesson through all this was to humble them and test them. He was teaching them to trust Him, and He was disciplining them as a father disciplines his child.ฺ

I don’t know who I’m preaching to on today but you need to be grateful and stop focusing on expecting but to do whatever it is you’re doing for the Lord. Yes, you’re at a job you don’t like. You’re dealing with difficult customers and childish employees and your tips aren’t what you’re expecting. It’s not about money but about your heart. He’s teaching you how to serve graciously and lovingly without expecting to receive. How to be grateful with whatever amount you’re given. Be a blessing and stop expecting a pat on the back for good works. Singles, where you are isn’t your permanent status, people with jobs, where you are isn’t your permanent place, people without or who are struggling, your situation isn’t permanent but being ungrateful is will increase your delay to your breakthrough. Learn the lesson.

Life Lessons from “How I Met Your Mother”


Waiting for True Love


When you feel lonely it’s usually God’s way of crying out to you to spend quality time with Him because He wants a personal relationship with all of His children but sometimes we get distracted with fruitless things and only call on Him (A) when we’re in trouble and (B) when we ‘want’ something. Ask yourself, if that’s the kind of person you want in your life? Often when people sense loneliness they instantly reflect over past relationships– becoming envious of other people relationships, questioning their physical appearance, wondering if God cares about their condition then eventually become impatient and find an alternative to fill that void of loneliness.ฺ

God cares for all of His children. He only wants the best for us. But, waiting is the test most cannot bear. Therefore, we fall into a complaining spirit. There’s plenty of people who got tired of waiting on God and stepped outside of His will and wasn’t cognizant that they were going to end up with some fool or knucklehead, have an unwanted pregnancy, emotional distress, and much more. Being a 22 year old young man, who is saved I understand the single life arena; growing frustrated and impatient pondering if there’s anybody for me. I know the feelings that you experience; however, I prefer to wait patiently on the Lord then to have anybody just to advertise that I’m in a relationship. Settling for less is not negotiable because I value my worth and my expectations are too high in Christ. Learn to be content in all things as Paul stated. Enjoy the single life while you can because that’s where God does His best work in you; molding you, teaching you, equipping you to the man and woman of God He has called you to be.ฺ

The closer you draw to God the closer He’ll bring you to the one He has for you. God is the perfect match maker. It’s obvious we’re not because many been through several relationships and still can’t find the right person. I encourage you my brothers and sister in Christ to wait on the Lord. Don’t become anxious because you’ll end in a relationship that’ll have you begging for God’s help to get out of. Draw closer to Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.

A Message to all WOMEN out there!! This is for US!!

We are beautiful, smart, funny, kind, unique. And we are worthy of love and affection. We are just enough! AMEN!


For those who have fallen, or have yet to fall.


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