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21 Signs You’re Suffering From A Quarter-Life Crisis

This article says everything about ME as of writing.

Thought Catalog

Lena Dunham/ GIRLS Lena Dunham/ GIRLS

The quarter-life crisis is a period in a 20-something’s life when she is most anxious about how life has been going on for her, of how she has unmet the goals she once upon a time pinned on her college vision board, and of how she’s lost in a sea of people who have found their calling.

The summer I turned 21, I wasn’t pretty much worried about how I was going to unlock the doors to my future. All along I thought it was going to be easy. That people had a template to success I could just follow—get a degree, earn, go to grad school, get promoted—you know, the usual conventional future people define as success.

As the months went by following my 21st birthday, I have realized that I have been stagnant for quite some time and the people around me have already gone…

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Life Advice from my Fairy Godmother


As I was having a very emotional moment today. I happened to bother my fairy God Mother, Ate Patmei Ruivivar and was venting out. Then inner peace and at the same time there was the inner “light bulb” moment. I wanted to share to everyone one of the memorable and best advice I have ever encountered in my existence.

“When your soul is crying out. Listen to it. Stop and reflect. Surround yourself with people who love you and give you good energies. There is a time to replenish, recharge, and refresh! You don’t need the money. God will always provide. The important thing is finding your self, your center, the meaning of your life, your bliss. Then all will just fall into place.

It will get better. Just be p
atient and work on yourself.

Don’t measure your worth or success based on what mainstream society says. It is an illusion that is oftentimes the roo
t of our unhappiness. March to the beat of your own drum.
We have our own unique journey. It is foolish to copy other people’s definitions and plans because you are not like other people. You are YOU! And your most important task in life is to figure out your authentic self and live your best according to what is true to you.”

Trust God. God is performing little miracles everyday.

Half lovin’ just Hurts

“Half lov’n just hurts.”
– Will Smith

When we say we love someone we should give all we’ve got, even if that means overcoming the parts of ourselves that keep us from the best parts of ourselves that deliver the promise of ecstatic love. Not only do we deserve to experience the best of who we are, but the people who we say we love deserve to experience the best of WHAT we are.

Happy 2014 and Love… hard.


God’s Teachings


How do I be grateful with what I have and trust that God will meet my needs? How can I be sure that He will provide? You say, “I’ve been waiting for months and years and still there’s no change! I’m tired and fed up with holding on. I feel like I’m being taking for granted. I hear message after message that encourages me it’s coming but yet I’m still waiting.” I’m a waiter. I live off tips and sometimes customers don’t leave a dime or sometimes it’s little. I’m a single parent taking care of my children alone living off scraps. I’m struggling… My expectations are never met but I’m suppose to trust God will meet my needs and I feel like I’m fighting my way through hell.ฺ

God promised Moses that’ll He’ll free the Israelites and that He would lead them to the Promise Land. They’ve seen God’s wrath/power, witness miracles and were free from slavery but the journey to the Promise Land was the lesson. What do you do when God puts you in place that you don’t like… What was suppose to be no less than an 11 day journey turned to 40 days. They grew frustrated with Moses and God. They complained about not having food or water as if God wasn’t going to provide their needs along the way. The lesson through all this was to humble them and test them. He was teaching them to trust Him, and He was disciplining them as a father disciplines his child.ฺ

I don’t know who I’m preaching to on today but you need to be grateful and stop focusing on expecting but to do whatever it is you’re doing for the Lord. Yes, you’re at a job you don’t like. You’re dealing with difficult customers and childish employees and your tips aren’t what you’re expecting. It’s not about money but about your heart. He’s teaching you how to serve graciously and lovingly without expecting to receive. How to be grateful with whatever amount you’re given. Be a blessing and stop expecting a pat on the back for good works. Singles, where you are isn’t your permanent status, people with jobs, where you are isn’t your permanent place, people without or who are struggling, your situation isn’t permanent but being ungrateful is will increase your delay to your breakthrough. Learn the lesson.

Life Lessons from “How I Met Your Mother”


A Message to all WOMEN out there!! This is for US!!

We are beautiful, smart, funny, kind, unique. And we are worthy of love and affection. We are just enough! AMEN!


For those who have fallen, or have yet to fall.


Chasing Dreams Never Gets Old (Part 2)


Me and my Mother sharing a moment together but in a different time and place.

I am so proud of her for achieving and fulfilling her life long dream of becoming a beauty queen. Now it is really not a frustration but a reality! She inspires me now more than ever. She just proved to herself and to the universe that it is never too late to chase dreams and fulfill them if you get the chance… It knows no age nor time. Just press on and gotta have faith and nothing else. My mother is one true living example of an empowered woman of today… Who dared to go out in the world and make a mark for herself despite and inspite of the circumstance. It is true what they say, “Believing in oneself can really do miracles”. ❤️










“Never underestimate the importance of the beginning. Of anything. The beginning has seeds of everything else to come.” – Carolyn Coman.

Beginnings are powerful. Beginnings are defining. We always have that fear of beginnings for it is something that is new to us. But little do we know that beginnings leads us to our dreams, our passion, and our life worth. We should not be afraid of any door that opens in our lives for there is no such thing as a small beginning. Even if we just made our day to day decisions or just stepped out of our comfort zone… it’s still a step to a new direction… a new life path.

As we enter and explore our new beginnings, it is where we know what we are supposed to be doing on Earth, our true sense of living, our so called “calling”. I know it is not an easy pavement in knowing what we are supposed to do in our lives but in every single day that is handed out by God is a day that is to be cherished and to be grateful for. For in those days we slowly immerse ourselves to be one with the Universe.

In my journey of finding myself, these key points have always been my guide…

LOVE.  It is the most powerful thing in the world. Be selfless. Do all things whether small or big with utmost conviction. When you are still searching for it, be patient. When you have found it, treasure it. When you have lost it, then be thankful for it has taught you a lot of things. It never runs out, it is everywhere. You just got to know where to look. Don’t just open up your heart but your soul as well. You will know when you have found it, when you have inner peace despite the chaos all around you. Love others as how God love us.

Know and Love God. He is life’s only constant. He is our rock, our deliverer, our saviour. Know that the two powerful sentinels we constantly have is our FAITH and PRAYER. Never doubt what a prayer can do. We might not get the answers that we need right away but always believe that God listens and He answers in His Will, not ours. Always say a prayer not just in times of need and despair but also in times of joy and abundance. We must also know when to ask and when to be silent and just listen. He knows what we need even before we ask for it. He created us so He knows the life we will have. It’s a matter of handing out the pen to Him and let Him write our life story. Surrender to His Will and we will be blessed for always. Let’s be still and know God is above everything else.

 Family.  The true essence of our Earthly identity. Our building blocks. The next priority to God. We should always be proud of our family for whatever happens there are the ones who will always be there for us. They will always be a part of our being. We are what we are because of them. They love us unconditionally and are the ones who support us despite our failures, mistakes and undertakings. As we start a family on our own, for sure we will still go back to the people who were there for us in the beginning.

Giving Thanks.  Every day and always, never fail. Feeling and thinking grateful is the key to a long lasting vibrant life. Amidst the life struggles that we have experienced and have to experience, we should never fail to give thanks. It is being grateful for the simple things is one of the deepest expressions of gratitude and it is like a magnetic golden thread attached in our being, when we say and act on it, it becomes more vibrant and sparkly than ever before.

Forgiveness.  We must be quick to forgive. We need to forgive so we can be free and happy. When we forgive, we’re not doing it just for the other person, we’re doing it for our own good. It paves way for God to shower us with blessings and glory that we could not even imagine. Never allow resentment to take root in your soul, uproot those emotions by forgiving those who hurt us. Most importantly, we must always forgive ourselves. It’s okay to commit mistakes and fall sometimes. It’s the way of life. It may not be easy but it will be worth it, you’ll see.

Believe.  Think BIG. Think increase. Think abundance. We always have ourselves whether we like it or not at the beginning and in the end. We are our own hero most times so we have to truly love ourselves so we can love others. We should always trust our intuition, for our first instincts are usually right. Believing in ourselves will get us to where ever it is that we wanted to become.

Respect and love yourself. Never settle for less than what you know you are worth. Always surround yourself with positive and loving people. Fill yourself with joy and act up on it. Let the people in your life either take you as you ARE — or watch you as you GO. Life is too short to waste precious time pretending to be someone you’re not. When there is self respect, surely Love and everything follows.

Fear.  It is okay to be scared sometimes. What wonderful thing didn’t start out scary right?.  Everything that matters and that moves our life forward has the power to change our life, and is at least a little scary. There will be times than we want to go back but it is when you question “life”, this is how you know you are doing something worthwhile. On the other side of the scariest chance you’ll ever take is the biggest masterpiece you’ll ever make.

Success. You can only define your own success. Do not do what is just good but also what is right. Enjoy the labor of your hard work but never forget to share them. Blessings triple when we share it with the people who truly need it the most. Never let it get too much of you either. There is no real measurement of success in this world so be grateful for the goodness God has given you.

Friends. We may not choose the family we have but we can certainly choose our friends. Be with people who are supportive and positive. The company that we keep along the way defines the way our lives will turn out. The more you hang out and treasure people who are not toxic; you’ll live a life full of laughter and love. Don’t cling as well for people come and go in our lives. They come into our lives for a reason, a season and a lifetime. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

Romantic relationships. God calls us to live spectacular outstanding, powerful, victorious lives. Part of loving a glorious life is finding a glorious life partner. And part of trusting God is trusting that He has that partner already picked out for you. Never settle and rush. Find a partner who accepts your past, support your present, and love you too much to encourage you to grow, who won’t cling to you, who will let you go into the world, and trust that you will come back. Watch what your partner does than the words they utter. Never uphold your morals and values for a great partner will respect those in you. It’s tempting to lose heart on this crazy journey of single life but always remember that Happily Ever After tends to take place on the last page. And when you hand God the pen to your life, He will write an infinitely beautiful LOVE story than you could ever imagine.

Now, take a look at your own life for clues about to where you belong and who you are meant to be.  Often the key to figuring out who you are is as simple as figuring out what you LOVE. Your heart already knows. You may not see yet the results of it yet in your life but if you keep following your heart’s desire and listening to what your life is telling, you’ll get there. It might take a little while. It might not happen right away. You might have some business to finish and some obstacles to overcome and some growing up to do, but you’ll get there eventually. How do I know this? Because I did and still working on it. 




Inspired by true events.

Chasing Dreams Never Gets Old


*my message to my mother as she joined a beauty pageant for senior citizens in our hometown*

Ma! I know we may have arguments in the past about me joining beauty pageants na di ko naman talaga bet, but you have pushed me since it’s true what they say that “mother’s knows best”… And it really did serve its purpose and it was for the best and I couldn’t be more thankful for it opened doors for me but not just doors but my heart and mind as well, and also it unleashed the “ka beckyhan” in me kaya super win-win! Haha! Choz!

And now as you get to have a shot to fulfill your life long dream to become a beauty queen, I will pray and cheer for you kahit ala mabuhay miles ang peg natin! I know you can do it, Ma!! Galingan ang pag rampa and yung talent mo i-ready mo na! (Ayusin ang sayaw kasi best in talent ako nun Ma! Haha!) Plakado na ang muk ap and outfit mo Ma so husayan na lang ang pag project! Gooora and push cart!! Yeey!

Win or lose man Ma, you will always be our every stunning beauty queen! You are the queen in our home (given na given) and in our lives syempre! You were born to stand out Ma! Sympre san ba ako magmamana? Choz! Talakan mo sila sa q&a! Plangak! Alam ko may hearts all over ang mata ni Papa sayo ngayon! Kahit d niya bet manood ng mga ganyan for sure para sayo d siya aalis for the whole program! Haha! Alam na!

God bless and break a leg Mom!! We are so proud of youuuuuuu 🙂 dizizit na!! ❤️☑️💐

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